Help create a more just world as a leader for social justice.

The Bachelor of Liberal 艺术s in 领导力与社会正义 supports emerging leaders in a range of fields that impact social justice issues. Students enrolled in this part-time program will build their skills as leaders, learn how to expand their spheres of influence, and explore the ways they can be change agents and advocates for social justice within their professional communities.

The BLA in 领导力与社会正义 brings subject matter to life by merging theory and real-world experiences. Core courses in leadership and social justice guide students in strategizing and reflecting on their goals for engaging in social justice work, and help them develop strong skills in critical thinking and oral and written communication. 通过选修课程, students have the opportunity to examine leadership and social justice within multiple areas: the arts, 教育, 历史, 语言, 哲学, 政治科学, 宗教研究, 社会工作, sociology and women’s and gender studies.

In keeping with the Holy Cross mission of St. 爱德华的, students in the BLA in 领导力与社会正义 program will be prepared to approach issues in their workplace and communities from a perspective of equity, 包容与人权.  

What are job opportunities for graduates?

This online program prepares students to lead social improvement efforts and work with social-justice focused organizations in roles like these:

  • 社区组织者或活动家
  • 多样性的官
  • 非营利组织领导者
  • 资金筹集活动
  • 非政府组织项目经理
  • 外联协调
  • 案例管理器

Who is an ideal candidate for this degree?

The part-time format of this program provides flexibility for non-traditional students, working adults and transfer students seeking to complete their undergraduate degrees. Major requirements will be completed through a blend of online, hybrid and face-to-face class modalities.